Back to the other Island

On a chilly and rainy November all I can think about is warmer islands.


Two places on my radar and short-term bucket list in the USVI are St. John Brewers   in Cruz Bay and Molly Molones in Red Hook.


Molly Molones calls itself an Irish yacht club. You take a step back when you see the Philadelphia food display at the entrance. Not especially appetizing but it communicates the message. The owner Frank Brittingham is the same owner of the famous Brittingham’s in Lafayette Hill, Pa. So yes a Philly native in St. Thomas serving up brotherly love island style.

Molly Molones becomes my local spot when away, and I can expect to find some of the same locals when I return in January.

But for now I will anchor the desk at work, play a little Jimmy Buffett, and dream of going back to the Islands.

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