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Cape May Reputation Matters

Something smelled bad at last night’s Cape May city council meeting–like an anonymous fart at a party.  A night when Livestream video is better than reality television–or is it? The kind of meeting when you text a friend and ask, “are you watching this?” and they break away from binge watching their own program.

It was that good–I mean bad.

What happened? How did this happen?  The professional journalists in the council chambers last night have some investigating to do.

Once the normal agenda business of reviewing insurance policies and paying bills, including a new vacuum truck for over $350,000 (wow, they’re expensive),  things got ugly–and that was before the public comment part.

City Solicitor Monzo appeared to be holding Councilman Meier accountable for claims he made on social media about being bullied in closed sessions of recent meetings, claims that he (Meier) reiterated in open session last night. Mr. Monzo said he called and texted Meier about his posts but that Meier never called him back.

Retired Police Chief Bob Boyd  reminded the city attorney that bullying is reality from the perception of the person being bullied. Monzo and Meier continued to spar. It wasn’t pretty.

After the meeting Shaine could be heard telling Monzo that he did not have the correct telephone number. To be fair, the city attorney asked for a three-second show of hands from other council members if they agreed with Councilman  Meier. None did.

When retired Fire Chief Jerry Inderwies Jr. took the podium things got heated. Exchanges took place between the solicitor and Inderweis. The Mayor had to mention Robert’s Rules of Order at one point and almost used the current police chief as a sergeant-at-arms.  It was not our finest hour.

When Jerry Inderwies asked why two members of council had dinner with a candidate for police chief before his appointment, things got really interesting. “It was an innocent coincidence,” replied the Deputy Mayor.  “But it happened,” rebutted Inderwies.

At the heart of all the animosity tossed back and forth is Shaine Meier’s solo position in the Rob Sheehan demotion. “I was taught not to lie,” Meier said.  “Things are different when we are in closed session and we are not allowed to talk about it.”

Like a dark secret.

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  1. September 21, 2016 / 6:41 pm

    What’s the consensus on the recent Chief of Police appointment ?

    • September 22, 2016 / 7:54 am

      Essentially he was handpicked by the Mayor. Not that he is a bad guy, Marino is a decent man. Good family man etc. If he stays on as Chief till Rob gets reappointed then Marino can retire on a Chiefs salary, which may have been the goal. But no real consensus. Just more support for Rob.

  2. Hugh Murray
    September 22, 2016 / 7:30 am

    Great article and update on the Cape May Mayor and City Council “shenanigans and dishonesty” (and that includes their city solicitor). Your article suggests a further investigation by the news media. Unfortunately I don’t live in the city and can only watch from the sidelines. But for the sake of the city residents and the city’s reputation I certainly hope the media is listening and will follow up.

    Thank you for keeping everyone in the loop regarding this embarrassing saga.