Cape May County Dining Facebook Group Assists Feeding COVID Patients

Cape May County Facebook Dining Group Assists Feeding COVID Patients

When an out-of-town family needed assistance getting meals for elderly parents dealing with COVID, they became frustrated. “The challenging part was with their zip code on Door Dash & Grub Hub. Only a few fast-food chains came up. Cape May County Dining Facebook Group was a savior,” the poster said in a private message.

The Facebook Group began as Cape May County Take Out and Delivery at the beginning of the pandemic and has now been changed to Cape May County Dining. We think it better reflects where we are at this point in the COVID crisis that we are living with,” said Vicki Clark, President of the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce, who helped create the group.

The Group was originally set up last March to assist Cape May County’s businesses in the food and beverage industry when shutdowns first began as a way for them to get the word out about how they were adjusting to their new way of doing business. It is nearly 12,000 members now.

If It Happens on Facebook It Must Be True

Last Wednesday morning a new member of the Cape May County Dining Facebook Group posted a request for local knowledge on restaurants offering comfort food. “My in-laws live in Cape May Court House & they both have Covid-19 and aren’t feeling well. Would love to send them some soups, a cooked spiral ham & mashed potatoes? Comfort food they can pick at,” the post read. “Any suggestions very appreciated. They are a very sweet elderly couple and it’s very hard for us being so so far away,” it continued.

What happened next was pure Cape May County hospitality. Close to 100 comments and replies poured into the group, like a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup.

“Curb-side service became the new norm in the pandemic and it was critically important to provide this platform to amplify their messaging.  Loyal customers quickly supported the group as a way to support their favorite restaurants, wineries, breweries, and distilleries!” Vicki Clark, said speaking about the Cape May County Dining Facebook page.

Loyal customers began recommending places like the Court House Diner for take-out. Molino’s Restaurant and Eat Well in North Cape May were mentioned. Commenters also offered prayers and well wishes.

Alex’s market in Stone Harbor has delicious soups, and she’s awesome, give them a call! wrote another reply. Cafe 101 and Carvery was another suggestion.

Happy To Help

In a pandemic, people are in need, whether it’s holding open a door or picking up a toddler’s dropped toy in the grocery aisle. You can act with your heart but think with your head. Should I touch that? Would I pick up that item?

Thankfully people in Cape May County have huge hearts. Local realtor Lisa Ransom posted, “let me know if there is anything I can do?”

One final offer of help came from West Cape May local, Debra, “If you come up with a menu, place an order for the ingredients with ACME, and deliver to my house, I’ll prepare everything and deliver it to them. Happy to help.”  Wow.

In the end, as a lady named Lois commented, “It warms my heart seeing the offers to help. So many good people still out there.”

Facebook groups can be a vehicle for good. Perhaps we can all whisper a prayer and say, there but for the grace of God, go I.




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  1. David Greene
    December 12, 2020 / 2:41 pm

    Wonderful. Thank you John for getting the word out. And huge thanks to all the compassionate and heroic participants in this very kind enterprise.