Cape May’s Easter Fashion Stroll Winners

Cape May’s Easter Fashion Stroll Results

CAPE MAY, NJ-   The City of Cape May, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May and the Small Businesses of the Washington Street Mall, is proud to announce this year’s winners in the annual Cape May Easter Fashion Stroll.  The Easter Fashion Stroll took place Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 1pm in Rotary Park.

Coincidentally the best dressed family winner are from the same home town in Latvia (Riga) as the ubiquitous photographer from Exit Zero Aleksey Moryakov.

Boys – 3 years of age and under:
1st place: Dustin Larubi – Cape May, NJ
2nd place: Victor Fox – Philadelphia, PA
3rd place: Holden Mason – Cape May Court House, NJ

Girls – 3 years of age and under:
1st place: Grace Brockman – Rio Grande, NJ
2nd place: Hope Brockman – Rio Grande, NJ
3rd place: Vanessa Krastev – Cape May, NJ

Boys – 4-6 years of age:
1st place: Ivan Addu – Rio Grande, NJ
2nd place: Logan Lespinasse – Rahway, NJ
3rd place: Giacomo Gagliardotto – Staten Island, NY

Girls – 4-6 years of age:
1st place: Vera Marie Bailey – Mantua, NJ
2nd place: Ava Sochor – Mount Laurel, NJ
3rd place: Julianna Hurd – Ivyland, PA

Boys – 7-9 years of age:
1st place: Gavin Bailey – Sewell, NJ
2nd place: Gage Levon – Quinton Township, NJ
3rd place: Alb Luca – Manhattan, NY

Girls-7-9 years of age:
1st place: Arianna Lespinasse – Rahway, NJ
2nd place: Giada Gagliardotto – Staten Island, NY
3rd place: Veronica Meier – Galloway, NJ

10-12 years of age:
1st place: Catherine Cosden – Bensalem, PA
2nd place: Kaitlynn Krefski – Spotswood, NJ
3rd place: Sloane Wolfe – Cape May, NJ

13 years of age & older:
1st place: Aurega Jackunaite – West Cape May, NJ
2nd place: Alba Luca – Manhattan, NY
3rd place: Lilly Hendry – Pittston, PA

Best Dressed Man:
1st place: Joe Cosden – Bensalem, PA
2nd place: Chris Cronin – Cape May, NJ

Best Dressed Lady:
1st place: Colleen Hallahan – Salem County, NJ
2nd place: Virginia Illig – Cape May, NJ
3rd place: Cat Cronin – Cape May, NJ

Best Dressed Couple:
1st place: Irene & Brian Guthrie – Cape May, NJ
2nd place: Lara & Chris Krefski – Spotswood, NJ
3rd place: Rob & Jeanne Woerner – Mantua, NJ

Best Dressed Family:
1st place: Rimma-Mello Family – Riga Latvia
2nd place: Brockman Family – Rio Grande, NJ
3rd place: Fox Family – Philadelphia, PA
4th place: Lespinasse Family – Rahway, NJ

Best Bonnet Youth:
1st place: Isabella Henrey – Cape May, NJ
2nd place: Julianna Hurd – Ivyland, PA
3rd place: Ava Sochor – Mount Laurel, NJ

Best Bonnet Adult:

1st place: Linda Vargo – North Cape May, NJ
2nd place: Cat Cronin – Cape May, NJ
3rd place: Colleen Hallahan – Salem County, NJ

2019 Cape May Easter Fashion Stroll Gift Donors:

The Original Fudge Kitchen, Toy Shop of Cape May, Stewart’s Root Beer, Arden’s Kids, Ben & Jerry’s, Art Bloc, Zoo Company Toy Store, Hello Gorgeous, Splash, Lace Silhouettes Lingerie, Cape May Magazine, Cape May Cigar & Wine, Maryann’s, Beach Love, Swede Things, Whale’s Tales, Making Waves, Beach Bums, Wish You Were Here, Just for Laughs/Kaleidoscope, Cotton Company and Quirk.

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  1. April 22, 2019 / 4:53 pm

    Great coverage! Wow! Loved the pics too! We’ll be reading your blog even after we leave beautiful Cape May NJ for Newfoundland Canada! Cheers~Mike/Kathy/Scout

  2. Jen
    April 22, 2019 / 7:58 pm

    Love Cape May

  3. David Greene
    May 1, 2019 / 12:25 pm

    Wonderful! Thank you, Mr. Cooke!