Cape May’s First Pop-Up Beer Garden

Cape May’s First Pop-Up Beer Garden

Drinking and politics don’t mix. At Cape May’s first pop-up beer garden, this past Thursday, drinking and politics mixed well. If you consider that the Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC) took a financial hit of more than $19,000 during the July 4th state government shutdown, you might ask for another drink. Well, maybe another craft beer, like Michael Zuckerman, Michael Kline and my self.

The fact that MAC is jumping on a trendy theme is impressive. Hosting Cape May’s first pop-up beer garden, on a sweltering day, put the cool in MAC. Philadelphia does beer gardens, why shouldn’t Cape May?¬†

History Made?

Certainly the MAC beer garden was not the first of the beer garden in Cape May. The Chamber of Commerce continues to improve the Octoberfest celebration with additional and expanded gardens. Partnering with one brewery, Cape May Brewing Company in a pop-up fashion made history.

Michael Zuckerman seemed surprised hearing that idea. Zuckerman and his team, in my opinion, are creating added interest in Cape May to a new generation of visitors. A millennial-ish corporate group made an impromptu stop at the World War II Look out tower for the event.

Pop-up beer gardens require advance planning, but they don’t alway get advance promotion. ¬†Which may be the reason you didn’t hear about this event. Hopefully this will not be the last event of this type. Based on the popularity of the idea–Cape May’s first pop-up beer garden generated, and their well executed plan, you will know about the next one.

About that mixing of politics and drinking. MAC promoted a petition to render state parks and beaches as essential services. MAC states its holiday weekend losses as $19,110.87. That’s a good reason to drink for a good cause.


If you want to know about the next pop-up beer garden stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and we will let you know.


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    Those first two sentences are a perfect lede.