Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in Cape May

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in Cape May

Corned Beef And Cabbage, Shepherd pie, and Leg of Lamb can all be found this week in Cape May. In spite of the ongoing pandemic, people will find a way to be celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in Cape May.

By the 19th of March, inside dining can expand to 50%. Tables must still be spaced apart by six feet. A distance which will prevent some pubs and dining rooms from achieving the 50% goal.

In the north of Cape May, where some of us, (insert hand waving emoji)  must show a passport when crossing the bridge into Lower Township, they too will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Barry O’Tischler will be performing on the covered, outside patio at 5 West. Renowned for his performances of Whiskey in the Jar and Johnny Cash tunes, Barry likely will have accompaniment during his gig. Rumor has it, if a jar of whiskey is placed on the table near the performers, it mysteriously disappears.

5 West will be featuring their St.Patrick’s day menu! Over the moon martini, (not to be confused with Rising of the Moon) an Irish rebel classic, Lucky charm martinis, and baby Guinness shots, Jameson shots, and Dublin mules are enough to fill your parting glass.

Still in the North Lands

Red Brick Ale House is getting their Irish on this week. Their high holiday menu speaks of Irish flavors and is sure to please.

-Shepherd’s Pie Sliders topped with Monterey cheese
-Bangers with mashed potatoes and roasted onion gravy
Savory Shepherd’s Pie
-Irish Burger with corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, and thousand island
Shamrock-tini ☘️
Irish coffee 🇮🇪☕️
Rain ”Glow” 🌈
Wicked Little Leprechaun🍀
Irish Potini 🇮🇪
CoHo Brewery’s Lucky Charms IPA🍺 💚 *only available St. Patrick’s Day*
Red Brick’s Facebook page also lists a live band performing on St. Patty’s.

O’Brien and Joyce or Joyce and O’Brien

On this side of the canal, The Filling Station has turned green. The Christmas lights in their dining room are 100% green, and they’re offering cocktails and food specials with an Irish flair all through March at the Exit Zero Filling Station.
Stop by this Wednesday to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and enjoy live Irish-tinged tunes from Terry O’Brien and Tim Joyce from 4:30-8:30.
They are offering cocktails and food specials with an Irish flair all month long at Exit Zero Filling Station! Try the corned beef and cabbage egg rolls, potato, and leek soup, or the Shepherd’s Pie. Wash it all down with an Irish Potato cocktail or a Killarney Colada
You’d think someone with a little Celtic heritage owns the place.

Classic Style Food and Whiskey

The Pier House invites you to enjoy a weekend getaway by the ocean and celebrate with their next Dinner Series featuring Irish Whiskey on March 19th.

Pier House’s chef has curated an exquisite menu featuring dishes such as seared turbot with lemon butter shrimp sauce, roasted leg of lamb, and authentic Irish apple cake! Each course is paired with an Irish Whiskey that balances the dish and accentuates the flavor with each sip. The whiskey list is as sophisticated as the food menu.


Undoubtedly, with my luck of the Irish, this is the kind of blog that will leave something out. The point is if you look deep enough there is something safely going on.  While the Mad Batter has not returned to live music indoors, they host one of if not the best craft beer selections in Cape May.

Pub crawl around the corner to Fins Bar and Grille and meet Cape May’s most authentic Irish bartender. Buzz. He loves it when the ladies ask if he’s from Ireland. He will reply, “no, North Wildwood.”

And let’s not leave out having your designated driver take you to the C-View, wherein normal times the Wildwood Pipe Brigade Brigade would perform. Fun fact: The C-View is perhaps the only Guinness-certified establishment. Meaning, they are inspected and timed to pour the perfect pint. 

The pandemic has hit us all hard. It has taken the wind out of our sails. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Cape May can be a safe and fun distraction, just don’t wake up like a drunken sailor.

And finally, if it is Irish music you seek from the comfort of your own castle, don’t miss this week’s version of Locals of Cape May.

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