Congress Hall Has New General Manager

Congress Hall Has New General Manager

I  met Sam Ackrill on one of his first days in Cape May. While he was getting a property tour by the head of maintenance we were introduced.FullSizeRender

Immediately I knew that Sam would be a welcome addition to the neighborhood as I prefer to call it, and an asset to Congress Hall.

Sam joined the Congress Hall management team after sixteen years of experience and dedicated service with Carnival Cruise Lines.  During his time with Carnival, Sam worked in nearly every facet of hotel operations and guest relations, leading to his position as Hotel Director for his last four years at sea.  As third in command to the captain and number one in command of all non-nautical operations aboard the largest ship in the fleet, Sam led an international team of over 1,300 officers, staff, and crew every day, while providing guests with unforgettable memories and experiences at sea.

Imagine that, a cruise ship guy in Cape May. I think it’s perfect. Often I think of the Victorian Motel and Congress Hall for that matter as two large cruise ships docked at the “Port of Cape May.” We each in our own way bring thousands of visitors to Cape May.

“Sam brings a dynamic energy to Congress Hall,” said Curtis Bashaw, Co-Owner and Co-Managing Partner of Cape Resorts. “We are excited to begin our professional partnership with Sam to continue our legacy of providing memorable experiences and superior service to our guests.”

If you’re in the “neighborhood” stop by Congress Hall and give Sam a Cape May welcome to the neighborhood. You’ll know it’s him-he’s the other guy in town who will be talking funny. The lad is a British Chap.



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