Forgetting the Titan

Cape May was bruised, but not beaten by the Titan, the most recent named winter storm to roll through town. Precipitation totals were all over the map. Starting out with predictions of a few inches and racing up to ten to fourteen inches then being scaled back with each new forecast model. Nearly everyone agrees that we settled with about five inches.

If five inches of snow wreaks havoc with Cape May county then 10-14 inches would have surely paralyzed it. Thankfully that didn’t happen. The forecast however did prompt Emergency Management officials to order a state of emergency which added to the hype and persuaded some businesses to not open today.

Following forecasters via social media for up to the minute projections has become the habit of late. People like Dan Skeldon, Gary Szatkowski and John Bolaris use twitter effectively to communicate the latest forecasts. One can only imagine how challenging it must be to “get it right.”

Even NBC affiliate from Atlantic city channel 40 strolled through town conducting man-on-the-street interviews like the one depicted above.
If Titan was the “lion” of March, I hope nature has a kinder and gentler future in mind for spring and summer.

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