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When Singer Songwriter rolls into Cape May, musicians from all over the country descend upon this town.  Mostly self-financed and with only applause for payment, these musicians perform at venues with varying degrees of attentiveness.

Saturday night at the Merion Inn was an amazing evening of performances and atmosphere to match. With performer after performer paying homage to the late George Mesterhazy. The Merion had a home town feel that easily affected the visitors to town as well.

Avi Wisnia made his sixth appearance and the Craig Greenberg band added to the mix of fabulous entertainment.

Perhaps only in Cape May, can you walk into an establishment, where the bartender was the opening act for the  conference’s headliner the night before.   Gordon Vincent (pictured), who on Friday night performed in the Ballroom of Congress Hall, worked behind the bar, performing and being entertained at the same time.  The feeling in the Merion seemed to be one of  a “listening room”.   Appreciation for the quality and diversity of music was routinely expressed.

Cape May has many open mic nights throughout the year.  But this past weekend created such a problem, of wanting to be in so many places at the same time, to hear such quality music, you rarely know where to begin.

Staking-out the Merion Inn proved to be the right place at the right time.

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