Introducing Jimm Ross

I live and work as an artist, musician, and contractor in a tourist seashore town, and it’s altered my perspective on life. Sometimes living in such a place, where the land and the sea meet, can be overwhelming, and the artistic inspiration is nearly tangible. When I’m close enough to hear the ocean waves, I feel a momentary indifference to the rest of the world. And it’s in those moments that I find inspiration for my artistic pursuits.

I’m also a beachcomber, who adores searching for treasures. I often suggest going to the beach more to others, because I think it’s a place that benefits health and well being in a variety of ways. As for the combing, though, sea glass is my main thing, but there are other great finds out there: wampum shells, Cape May diamonds, translucent quartz, and an occasional shark tooth are just a few. And driftwood! Definitely driftwood, too.  I use select driftwoods as a natural canvas in which shells, sea glass, etc can be attached to create mobiles and other ornamental art.

Another of my artistic mediums is pastel paintings. To me, Cape May is a place that demands interpretation with paint, and it has called many great and diverse artists here. There is no shortage of captivating perspectives. My own motivation for painting is simple: I’m naturally compelled to accept the challenge of capturing the truth, in essence, of something I’ve seen.I also love the feeling of using pastels. The less disconnect of a brush or other tool, the better, I say.

In addition to those creative outlets, I’m also a musician and singer/songwriter. Music has always provided me with the correct balance of thought and feel. I’m inspired by others, and I enjoy translating life and love into music. I look at it like this: we’re all just spinning on a rock in space, so what else is there but to live, love, learn, and express the best we can?

Finally, like many, I’m trying to carve out and maintain a nice home life–which could definitely be deemed an art form in today’s world. I look forward to conveying my thoughts and insights in my own personal blog going forward. Check it out if you’d like another view on what’s up – and what’s not – in Cape May.


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