Lets talk Sunrises-Cape May Sunrises


Do you get up early at least once during vacation to see the Sunrise? I’m told that a very small percentage of the population ever actually see the sun rise. Add a Golden Retriever to the mix of living near the coast and sunrises become a way of life. Well a way of starting life each day. Cape May is unique in that it’s south facing┬álocation on the peninsula allows us to see both sunrises and sunsets from nearly the same location. Mid summer sunrises are best viewed along the tranquil Cape May harbor. Along Delaware avenue near the Nature Center is a great spot to view this daily spectacle.

Nearly 40,000 people populate Cape May during the in-season. Up from the 4000 of us that live here year round. Getting up at 5:00AM, whether to walk the dog, or to watch the sunrise gives the other 36,000 the chance to experience the quiet side of Cape May. Get up, get out, away from the street sweeper, and experience the quiet side of Cape May when you’re here. You’ll be glad you did.

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