Cape May Webcam Installed

There’s A New Cape May Webcam Installed

What’s the weather like in Cape May today? Is it raining today in Cape May?  Questions about the weather pour down on us hotel people. Now we will have a realistic way to answer those questions, minus a ten second delay. Cape May webcams.

The local Fox News affiliate Fox 29 out of Philly installed a Cape May webcam for weather on top of Congress Hall.   Naturally, a webcam at the shore would want and need ocean views which Congress Hall affords. Which I should add, made me insanely jealous–the webcam not the ocean views.

Fox 29 joins a long list of web cams already in Cape May. Cameras can be viewed from the Marquis de Lafayette, the cove, Henry’s on the mall and now Congress Hall. The Montreal Beach Resort has a webcam pointing toward the beach too.

For some, like Barb Sobel, gazing at webcams is a favorite pastime. In her blog Is it snowing in Jackson Hole?, she details the imaginary conversations that might be going on at a crossroads in that town.

Facebook lately, is serving me sponsored posts from a popular Caribbean hangout in Jost van Dyke. Foxy’s a local watering hole is pushing their webcam. Realistically, I am seeing this from search terms on the web related to friends who just sailed through the British Virgin Islands.

Webcams are always met with mixed reviews. Some love them for the exposure they provide. Others think they violate the historical character of the towns image.  Webcams in Key West and other popular destinations like Cape May,  give viewers an entertaining look into their favorite towns.

Talking back to the Cape May Webcam

Tweeting to the station in hopes that they would turn the camera around once in  a while seems to be effective. The social media team at channel 29 does listen.


Then I asked Sue Serio, Fox 29’s morning weather person if the new Cape May webcam installed on Congress Hall was getting this image:

The above image was taken at sunrise from the Congress Street beach entrance. The same general direction the new Fox webcam had been pointing. Without warning, people started sending me texts messages–the camera turned.

The Fox News webcam was pointing at the Washington Street Mall. More accurately the middle of Perry street in front of the Victorian Motel. I asked Barb Sobel if I could link to her Jackson Hole, Wyoming blog post. “Who cares about Jackson Hole? I am ready to bust a move on Perry Street,” she replied.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Ben Miller
    May 22, 2017 / 10:42 am

    Another great column, John. I really look forward to getting my email notifications about your newest writing. Thanks for always sharing the Cape May love and the goings on around town.

    • May 22, 2017 / 11:59 am

      Thanks Ben. And thanks for allowing me to share the posts to the Cool Cape May Group page. I find it is mutually beneficial.