Rotary Park Progress

I Googled Rotary Park Progress on the internet today and didn’t find much. But Rotary Park progress is moving along at a feverish pace. According to published reports it is on time and at or under budget. The scheduled dedication is still July 1, 2016.


The motivation for this post was to answer the most frequently asked question (FAQ) of arriving visitors to Cape May. “What the heck is going on in Rotary Park?” For the past several weeks my guests as well as other visitors all arrive with that same question. Sure, us local employees know what’s up. We had all winter to be informed and or attend meetings.

Despite information and notice, many of you expressed emotional responses at the initial changes to the park’s transformation. To be honest, I think I went through all five stages of loss and grief at sight of the trees coming down. But the 5th stage is acceptance, and I am now trusting the visionaries for the park and the Fund for Cape May.

The Fund for Cape May is a non-profit partnership organization for our Cape Island communities whose mission is beautification, preservation and providing educational programs encouraging active citizenship in our youth. Starting with the beautification of Rotary Park, the Fund will join with municipal, public and other non-profit organizations to accomplish this mission.

Traversing the Washington Street Mall the other day I stopped by and checked on the progress. Dozens of workers were pouring concrete, cutting and laying bricks and pavers and setting bricks around what will be the center fountain.

The center fountain has been sponsored by Tom and Sue Carroll and Curtis Bashaw and at the time of this blog posting–sponsorship of the band stand gazebo was still available.


The foundation for the gazebo has been poured and relocated to allow performances to play more effectively  into the center of the park. Soon the bandstand will be installed on the foundation.



According to the Fund for Cape May website; “There is still an opportunity to donate towards the fence at $2,000 per section. They have also added the opportunity to become a Plant Donor for $1250- just 20 available. These donations will be noted on the large bronze plaque featured prominently in the park near the fountain and main entrance.”

The work is progressing nicely, the concert schedule is set. As each row of pavers goes down the anticipation goes up. I personally  am looking forward to seeing the completion of the park, and where tourism will meet hospitality new memories will be made.


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  1. Patti
    June 3, 2016 / 3:48 pm

    As I read through the article found myself shaking my head not only doesn’t look quite modern and not fitting for Cape May. But completely baffled as to why we would have torn apart the existing Park and then Midway through his struction feel the need to beg for donations to put it back together I’d like to know where the 1.2 million dollars was spent as it seems that you don’t have enough money to reconstruct the park in a suitable manner shaking my head wondering what the city officials are thinking stupid move

    • June 3, 2016 / 4:20 pm

      Patti, thanks for reading and commenting. I think the Fund has raised enough money to complete the project, but there are sponsorship opportunities available for those that wish to participate. The Burden is on the fundraisers not the taxpayers.