Santa Claus Arrests the Grinch at Cape May Elementary

There was a security breach at Cape May Elementary School on Layfayette Street. Officer Bob Cranmer patrolled the hallways, scratching his head over who trashed the school overnight. Eventually, Santa Claus arrests the Grinch at Cape May Elementary.

To cover the event, I had to wear my press credentials and show my New Jersey driver’s license to get in the door. But a six-foot green furry creature picked the high-security combination and entered the school building.

Okay, the Grinch was the very, very tall son of the School Psychologist. Did I mention he was tall?

Once inside, the Grinch proceeded to knock down decorations and was seen dragging a Christmas tree through the hallways.
“I am calling the police department,” proclaimed Officer Bob. Officer Bob is retired from the prosecutor’s office and loves his job and the children.

Enter Cape May Police Department and Fire department escort Santa to investigate the disturbance at Cape May Elementary.

Santa, the Chief, Detective Shustack, and Lt. Mara patrolled the hallways asking young students if they had seen the Grinch. Some were afraid; some were not.

Ultimately the Grinch was located and taken into custody by Santa Claus. A moment of reconciliation took place while students looked on. The Grinch was apologetic for trashing the school.

But the Grinch still had to be led away to pay for his actions.

After Santa Claus arrests the Grinch at Cape May Elementary School, he is left in a patrol car for booking at police headquarters.

To see the booking and jailing of the Grinch, check the police department’s Facebook page.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in work.” This is a quote attributed to Aristotle. It was abundantly clear the staff at Cape May Elementary loved their work.

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  1. December 22, 2022 / 1:18 pm

    I got to Cape May October 7 for Victorian Weekend and saw Saving Hannah at ELTC Which had special meaning for me because my father grew up in a safe house in Lowell, MA on the Underground Railroad
    We stayed at the Sandpiper and ate at the Lobster House and several other great restaurants including
    one in West Cape May that had the best breakfasts I’ve ever eaten.
    All my relatives live on Cape Cod and an 84 year old cousin owns and runs Decoy Realty in E. Sandwich, MA. She lives in a house built iin 1695 in West Barnstable, MA