Show Time Cape May

This time last year, I wrote how tourism was everyone’s responsibility.

This year, I am thinking about who the new visitors to Cape May are going to be. For the fortunate among us, our seasons are largely booked. Many of us with 75-80% repeat clientage. That’s how we roll in Cape May.


As we put on the finishing touches before the season and tune up our customer service skills, I began to think about how much attention Cape May has gotten lately. Including the help of a couple of sharks, one named Mary Lee.

The exposure from all the media and accolades generated in part by the Chamber of Commerce, makes me wonder who the 20-25% of Cape May’s new visitors will be this year. Further, I am genuinely eager to see the new folks as well as the returning visitors have positive guest experience.

Think about it for a minute, national publications like Conde Nest named Cape May in its 20 best food cities. Family Vacation Critic an offshoot of Trip Advisor–called Cape May one of the nation’s best beach towns. Parents magazine, another national publication, awarded Cape May with best family fun distinction–that was just in April.

In May, Good Morning America and announced Cape May as number 2 in the most adorable beach towns in the United States. called Cape May one of the best small town beaches in America. Surely there is a diverse readership in all of the targeted audiences of these websites and publications.

Aside from these accolades and recognition there was also best bars competition and Zagat’s ratings of five Cape May eateries, some rated for best service.

All of this will undoubtedly combine to attract a vast new audience–all headed to Cape May and tangentially the surrounding county. If the cliche; first impressions are lasting impressions holds true, then we have our work cut out for us.

What is equally exciting this year, is the plethora of new business startups in Cape May. Cape May Carts, in West Cape May, Peace Pie on Carpenter Lane, just to name a couple. And the complete renovation of the old Pilot House site into Fins Bar and Grille on Decatur street.

When I complained to the owner of Peace Pie that he was going to cause me to gain weight, he replied: “eating this stuff causes such euphoria, that it increases your metabolism so you actually burn calories while eating.” “Really?” I said. No but it’s a great line and a great attitude.

It made me think, what a great way to start the season with such a fresh and positive attitude. Hopefully Cape May first timers and veteran visitors will experience the same attitude through out town.

Have a great weekend and  season folks.






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