Surfing Mecca in Cape May

Hard to believe the Monday before the forecast Nor’easter, the waves were already head high. Cape May has been a surfer’s mecca for the past week. It is expected to continue and get better–for surfers.

On is way to work Monday, Todd DeSatnick of DeSatnick Real Estate caught some waves at Steger Beach in Cape May:


Todd was not alone on the waves last Monday. Local electrician and ¬†musician Dylan O’Donnell was¬†out surfing before his move to California. Dylan a performer with the popular Bastard Sons of Captain Mey.


Fellow musician Max Crowley also of the Bastard Sons of Captain Mey accompanied Dylan in the surf.


As Joaquin passes offshore. the swell will continue and most likely increase in the coming days. I would expect more surfers to descend upon Cape May.

Two popular sources for waves prediction in Cape May are Magic Seaweed and Surfline. Both sites predict the swell to continue next week.

With waves inspired by this weeks Nor’easter it’s easy to understand why.


Cape May was not the only shore destination to experience surfers paradise. Check out Chris Centrella’s blog from Manasquan, New Jersey.

Let’s see what this week brings.


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