What Off Season in Cape May?

The theory of Cape May having an off–season feels like a myth to me and perhaps others who work and live here full-time. Take this past week for example; it was exhausting–in a good way. Starting with Tuesday’s Chamber of Commerce luncheon and the same afternoon’s Tourism Packaging meeting in Wildwood, the week’s pace was ambitious. The week ended with a celebratory open microphone night at the Mad Batter. It feels like, New Years Eve every Sunday.

The week was packed with both work and social projects. Wednesday night after tax payments were in the mail, a good size group of active twitter users gathered for a tweet–up at the Mad Batter. For the second time, more than a dozen supporters of Cape May’s social media presence, temporarily set aside their mobile devices and met face-to-face for libations and networking. Traveling from as far away as Pennsylvania, we met, connected and encouraged one another to keep up the positive social media presence.

Putting our mission into action right away, many of us tweeted congratulations to our host for his mention in Conde Nest’s best restaurant cities in the United States article. The Lobster House along with the Mad Batter got shout outs in the article which said, “Cape May had plenty to offer travelers seeking out high-quality food to go along with summer vacation.”

Thursday we had a press conference announcing the summer concert series in Cape May. From there the weekend pace accelerated. If you had the chance you could hear the Squares play at the Willow Creek Winery in West Cape May. Gordon Vincent and the Overwhelming Everything held down the fort at the Boiler Room. The Bastard Sons of ______, fill in the blank, packed them in at Cabanas. And that was Just Friday. Saturday repeated a similar scene with different suspects. And how bout that weather on Saturday.

Brides gambling on the weather, hit the jack-pot in Cape May this weekend. Bachelorettes preparing for their wedding also had a fabulous day. And thanks to one group of guests I had the chance to meet another champion of twitter, when Frank aka @theJitneyguy showed up in my lobby and wanted to kidnap my dog.

Then Sunday night happens. This guy M. Q. Murphy hosts what has become the hottest weekly event in Cape May. Like I said earlier its New Years Eve every Sunday night. Musicians from all over town come out for the love of music to play, sing and listen to some great music. Last night was no exception.

The next time you’re worried about us being bored and lonely down-the-shore in the “off-season,” stop down and see us. If you walked into the Mad Batter on a Sunday night and realized you couldn’t find a seat-you’ll likely think, “what off-season in Cape May?”


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  1. Hugh Murray
    April 20, 2015 / 4:17 pm

    Damn right John. What off season? This was one hell of a weekend in and around this Cape. It’s tough being a local isn’t it? Well written my friend.