Who Lets the Golden Retriever Out

In an earlier blog post I referred to my perfect day in Cape May. It was an article featured in Exit Zero magazine while I was Chamber of Commerce President.

Today, while doing some winter/spring cleaning and organizing some old flash drives I discovered on one of the drives, pictures from the photo shoot that went along with the article. It was the first time I participated in, let alone was the focus of a photo shoot. Or was the Golden Retriever the focus of the photo shoot. The photos were shot by Aleksey Photography

What was funny at the moment (three years later), I was wearing my same favorite Irish sweater. But back to the Golden Retriever Joy. In some of the photos, Joy actually gets airborne. No animals or humans for that matter were injured in the taking of these pictures.

I’m not sure if we violated any city ordinances by being on the beach in March. Do we look like we care? Must be the reason I left Joy’s leash attached.

Aleksey is a brilliant photographer. I love the energy he captured in Joy’s face and the delight on mine. It’s pure Joy!

Joy is a product of a great breeder Kalm Seas Goldens, and a championship sire Kalm Seas to Have and to Hold, aka “Will”. You may have seen her “dog dad” on television last year-Will was the best Golden at Westminster.

More importantly Joy is a great student of the My Smart Puppy method of training. Author Sarah Wilson has become a great online friend, trainer, and blog mentor. I strongly suggest her books and blog to any of my friends that get dogs. It should be mandatory.

Sarah has trained the dogs of Harrison Ford, Candice Bergen and Diane Sawyer. That almost makes Joy a celebrity too.

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