Winter Storm Toby Fourth Nor’easter in Cape May

Photos: Winter Storm Toby Fourth Nor’easter in Cape May

Winter Storm Toby, Fourth Nor’easter in Cape May, puzzled forecasters, closed businesses and left only a dusting of snow.

The commercial fishing fleet at the Lobster House battened down the hatches and remained securely in port.

Home to one of the largest commercial fishing fleets, Cold Spring Fishery aka the Lobster House. Scallop boats tied up for the duration of the storm.

Boats like the Ocean Hunter tucked into Cape May for winter storm Toby, fourth nor’easter in Cape May

Forecasters called for minor to moderate tidal flooding in Cape May. Flood sirens operated by the city office of emergency management sounded at least twice. Once for Grant Street and once along Yacht Avenue. This style of flooding is not uncommon during a nor’easter. Note the name of the parking space under water, reserved for Toby.

I didn’t stick around to see just how high the water would get. This was an hour before high tide during winter storm Toby fourth Nor’easter in Cape May

When I shared the photo from the fisherman’s memorial, I was startled how many people did not know where it was. The memorial off Pittsburgh avenue is one of my must visit location. The names of people engraved on the stones are real people. Fathers, brothers, husbands, including the name of a husband of one of our housekeepers. Make it a point to visit here and sit and consider the sacrifice and loss involved in the fishing industry.

The snow finally showed up in Cape May around 7:00 PM. Claims of the Cape May bubble persisted throughout the day. The bubble burst, but the snowfall was short-lived.

Snow fell quickly and coated untreated surfaces along with grass and trees. This should be a signs of spring blog post. Hopefully spring will stake a foot hold and show up. Easter is only a week away.


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