Year End Summary of Cape May Blogging

My Year End Summary of Cape May Blogging

Ann Handley’s newsletter dropped into my inbox this morning like it has every other week all year. Although we have only met in the virtual world, I feel like I know her. She’s someone with whom you’d enjoy sharing a cup of coffee or whiskey.

In this weeks edition, Ann explained why she writes the fortnightly newsletter and she summarized her best content from 2018. It got me thinking why I have been writing the blog for so long and what was my better liked content for the year?

Two people in my life recently complimented my blog in a really encouraging ways. Last Sunday when my Coast Guard choking rescue blog landed, it quickly went viral (for me). It became this year’s best post, and all-time most read with well over 7500 readers in less than a week. Then someone texted it was my best piece yet, and a newspaper asked to publish it. Big finish.

Secondly, a summertime guest who retired from NYPD bumped into me this weekend. Asking him how he liked retirement, he replied, “I took a full-time position teaching english in high school.” Then he brought up the blog. His uncle was a newspaper man in the big (Manhattan) city. Frank is a fan of this blog, and has used in his class room. Humbled.

The spark that Ann Handley mentioned in her newsletter struck home. I write this blog for enjoyment. I like to tell the Cape May story. Weaving in a little of my story is fun also.

Best or popular of 2018

Now, sitting behind my 2018 MacBook Pro 15 inch laptop, I’m banging out (creating) my third blog in a week. I hope they bring you as much enjoyment. Below are my top eight blog posts for 2018. Thanks to the sponsors. They underwrite the cost of hosting and provide a little beer money. Blogging can be a side business.

This was a story I could have easily handed off to someone else. It needed to be told.


Cape May Coastguardsman Rescues Restaurant Patron

Continues to answer questions.

Cape May Changes Street Level View

With the recent passing of former Mayor Jerry Gaffney, the flags may not go up tomorrow.

Why Flags Remain Half Staff

Writing about Coasties or their families is always popular.

Grayson Buries Cape May Coastie Parents Undeterred

My story. Her story. The most comments and I haven’t replied to all of them yet.

Joy Was Everybody’s Dog


East Lynne Theater Company Suffers Devastating Loss


Lafayette Street Park Committee Convenes

January 1st ushers in a new era of council. Looking forward to what they will do together.

Cape May Political Riptide Nearly Drowns Town

There you have it. The top 8 of 2018. I hope you made it this far. I think the New Year will be full of surprises and hope. That’s my wish for us and for you.


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  1. Terri Johnson
    December 30, 2018 / 5:58 pm

    My wish for you in 2019 is continued hope, peace and perhaps a little more Joy with an upper case J.