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2012 St Thomas Vacation 056

If there is one thing available to a person working in hospitality in Cape May, it’s the beach. Some of the best beaches in the United States according to Trip Advisor. When you work so close to the beach, it surprises people that you might not actually frequent the beach so often.

While on vacation though in St Thomas USVI that all changes. We seek out the beach from the moment we unpack. On the east end of St Thomas, away from the bustle of Charlotte Amalie, we frequent not only the usual places that tourists find but the secluded out-of-the-way places like Smith Bay.

Although on Cruise ship days, even the secluded beaches get traffic with the help of industrious cab drivers. So much so that on our last visit we noticed infrastructure improvements to the parking areas and entrances.

Lindquist Beach or Smith Bay is one of those places often described as prettiest places on earth. It is definitely on our list of return-too places when we get back on St Thomas.

For now just counting down the days till vacation time.

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