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It has been a good week for Cape May reading. A regular guest handed me his copy of Departures Magazine.┬áThe issue has a great article by James Wolcott, called a “Post Card From Cape May.” James writes about Cape May, as a birding mecca, in this highly regarded publication.

Discovering other bloggers writing about Cape May is one of my favorite things about blogging. Getting impressions and opinions of other visitors, for me is a great barometer on how the town is perceived.

While surfing Word Press and other blog sites this week, there has been a plethora of posts about Cape May. Interior designer and fashion blogger James Andrew posted twice this week about his visit and loved the architecture of Cape May. He fancied the food and some of our restaurants too.

Amanda Faymous shared her family’s vacation visit to Cape May in her blog post Almost Faymous. She too loved some of the great eateries here. Notably, the Mad Batter and Hot Dog Tommy’s caught her attention. Her blog featured some great food pictures that will make you hungry.

In what might be more like an announcement than a blog, the North American Sea Glass association released the details of their September meeting in Cape May on the last weekend of the month. It’s the same weekend as Dragon Boat Festival, so expect town to be a tad full.

Last week Frank Smith and his family visited Cape May and took some great photographs here and in Wildwood. Frank shared his work on his blog the other side of Cape May.

Of course I would be remiss to not mention our own resident blogger Jane Kashlak continually updating readers on all things good about Cape May on Cape May Times. Jane’s garden post, will have you itching to get your hands dirty in the garden.

Blogs about Cape May offer a positive view, which is a pleasant distraction from some of the local less pleasant news. I for one am grateful for these bloggers taking the time to share their views and experiences.


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