Cape May Accolades Keep Tourism Alive

Cape May Accolades Keep Tourism Alive

Last January, the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May noticed an uptick in web activity. Major publications posted some of their best-of articles. Articles that mentioned Cape May. Articles driven by both popularity contests and editorial surveys were on the list. Cape May’s accolades keep tourism alive.

Starting things off, Travel and Leisure Magazine included Cape May among the best places to travel in 2021.

Later in March, Conde Nest Traveler Magazine listed Cape May as one of the top ten beach towns to visit in the United States.

Embedded in the Conde Nest article was a reference to Cape May as the best birding destination by National Geographic.

Next month an article in Newsweek Magazine broke with Cape May again in the top 25 most popular beaches.

In July, two publications that boast a large readership, USA Today and Thrillist, featured Cape May in their articles.  Giving their eight reasons to visit Cape May, Thrillist wrote a compelling article for travel to the tip of New Jersey.

The Cape May accolades keep tourism strong in August. No fewer than six articles appeared around the country this month. “The New Jersey shore is lined with popular beaches, and Cape May welcomes visitors to its classic seaside town and pristine shore.” wrote Travel and Leisure’s Patricia Doherty.

Accolades all season long

The great thing about travel articles is their shelf life. This week, radio station WPG Talk Radio’s website posted an article listing Cape May as one of America’s 26 most beautiful towns. The article is linked to an August piece by Conde Nest Traveler article on the same topic.

Light up Cape May leads to accolades which keep tourism alive.

Tourism and accolades are not limited to the summer months. “Cape May is a wonderful sight during the holiday season,” James Ridgway, President of the Greater Cape May Chamber of Commerce, noted. “Our visitors tell us that we resemble a Dickens Village with the lights on our Victorian homes and businesses complemented with the gas lamps on our streets.

December wrapped up the Cape May accolades like brightly colored presents in USA Today.

Of course, individual businesses’ social media activity adds to the exposure of Cape May. Diligent work by the Chamber of Commerce and Doreen Talley working alongside partners at the County DMO seals the deal.

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  1. Sandra Gray
    February 23, 2022 / 3:24 pm

    Congress Hall and the Southern Mansion were just mentioned in an article I read online as the 2 best hotels in Cape May. Don’t remember what publication but I think it was Lacey Patch.

  2. Peg Butwin
    February 23, 2022 / 5:38 pm

    It’s my sincere hope that Cape May continues to keep its Victorian look. Cape May is a beautiful town and while I own no property there, I do consider it my second home.