Cape May Fire Department Announces Updated Traffic Flow

Cape May Fire Department Announces Updated Traffic Flow

 CAPE MAY, NJ –   Cape May Fire Department (CMFD) has temporally relocated to the Borough of West Cape May, housed with the West Cape May Fire Company.  The changes are in place due to the construction of the new firehouse for Cape May City. In 2020, Cape May Fire Department responded to over 2,100 calls for service and have seen a steady increase in call volume over the past several years and the following changes will go into effect immediately:


Response Times:

Residents in Cape May should expect appropriate response times as our neighbors at the United States Coast Guard Fire Department will be responding as part of an automatic aide agreement.  All calls for fire or technical rescue services east of Madison Ave will receive a response from both Cape May Fire and the United States Coast Guard Fire departments.

Increase in emergency vehicle traffic: 

Residents along Broadway and Leaming Ave in West Cape May, as well as Broadway and Elmira Streets in Cape May, should anticipate seeing an increase in emergency vehicle traffic due to the adjusted response routes required to respond from West Cape May.  Additionally, an ambulance will be stationed at Cape May at Convention Hall for 12 hours a day to avoid any response time delays for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The U.S. Coast Guard Fire Department will respond to all Fire Services incidents along with our apparatus and personnel North and East of Madison Avenue.


Closure Period:  For approximately the next eighteen months, Cape May’s fire and EMS services will be responding from designated locations for all emergency calls.


“Time matters for the services we provide, and we are taking measures to ensure there will be little to no delays in response. We are extremely grateful to the Borough of West Cape and their firefighters for their hospitality and welcoming CMFD into their home while a new firehouse is built for the City of Cape May”, said Fire Chief Alex Coulter.

For more information or questions contact

 Michael E. Eck, Deputy Fire Chief




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  1. David Greene
    October 25, 2021 / 11:11 am

    We thank all the involved Fire Departments for their heroic, professional, and very kind service.

    And thank you John for this important news coverage.