Cape May Harbor Safe From Pirates?

 The Harbor is Safe From Pirates For Now.

This video will likely be the only view of the El Galeon Andalucia near Cape May this year. The idea of her visit was originally announced just about a month ago. Widely publicized via this blog last week. Interest was wide-spread and deep. But apparently the water is not as deep as the interest in bringing her here.

South Jersey Marina could only guarantee approximately ten feet of depth at dead low tide at the dock. El Galeon Andalucia needs eleven feet. That’s one foot too short, or she sits on the bottom.

The channel depth of Cape May harbor is about seventeen feet. That’s fine for most pleasure craft. Even the large Coast Guard Cutters, Vigorous and Dependable can navigate at that depth.

The problem lies with the narrower entrance way to Schellenger’s landing where South Jersey Marina is located. Although it’s hard to imagine this vessel pulling a “180” off the dock, marina officials said in an article: “that plans are in the works to dredge all of Schellenger’s Creek later this year and assured them that Cape May will make it an ideal host for future visits.”

Cape May County Department of Tourism and Southern Shore Destination Marketing Organization had generously offered initial support.  South JerseyMarinaCounty Tourism and Southern Shore DMO, recognized early on the tremendous potential of hosting this “one-of-a-kind” tall ship event during Cape May’s fall shoulder season, and worked tirelessly to that end.

Cape May would have been the vessel’s next stop after Ocean City, Maryland. Other stops include Baltimore and Annapolis during the ship’s voyage to St. Augustine, Florida.

The Andalucia’s visit would have been a tremendous event for the fall season of Cape May. Hopefully the needed dredging is accomplished and maybe, just maybe, while they are at it- they can build Cape May’s dinghy dock.


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