Mid Atlantic, Big Boats, Big Fish, Big Money

They’re here.

The fishermen, the boats, the money. Big boats, pursuing big fish for big money. The region’s and perhaps the East coast’s most lucrative fishing tournament-boat for boat. The Mid Atlantic is happening this week in Cape May.

They buy fuel, they shop, they eat and four of them sat next to me at Cabanas yesterday and spent money in town on a layover day. This four had strong Long Island, New York  accents, so obviously the fisherman travel great distances with their machines to fish this tournament. They also travel great distances to fish. Up to 125 miles off shore.

Close to 130 boats have signed up. Each boat can have up to six fishermen. Last year a boat all the way from Key Largo, Florida took home $654,416 for the biggest White Marlin. As of last night, the 19th of August, the Canyon Runner from New York, was on the board with a 123 pound Tuna. Over $300,000.00 worth of Tuna, if the weight goes unchallenged, with plenty of fishing time left.

Smaller boats can target Tuna closer to shore. The lower entrance fee was designed to attract the smaller boats and increase the prize money. Smaller boats have no less chance of winning big bucks. By entering calcuttas the boats increase their chance for bigger money.

This tournament provides something else- technology. There is not another fishing event in Cape May where a live feed of the weigh-in process is broadcast across the internet.

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