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Cape May Hospitality Business

It’s been nearly a month since I posted on the blog. The Cape May hospitality business does not take a break in the off-season. Life Marches on. In March.

The drumbeat tempo might slow down, though it still beats loudly. Buildings need attention. Customers keep coming. And then there’s the 8000 pounds of mattresses.

That’s where I’ve been all month. That’s the excuse I am hiding behind. This winter’s biggest projects have been a 100% turnover of all the bedding in both properties I am affiliated with in Cape May. The Victorian Motel and The Camelot Motel.

No, I didn’t weigh them, but the bill of lading from the delivery guy showed 4110 pounds of freight which (thankfully) arrived twice. Before the truck arrives the 60 sets of old double beds and 8 sets of king beds have to be unloaded from the building. Is that another 8000 pounds?

By the time we were done I was ready to fall on a Serta Perfect Sleeper, but life marches on in March. Our maintenance crew (David) also installed stainless steel grab bars in all of our showers. Something we felt our customers deserved.

Slow Season?

What else did we do in March? Well, we locals waited patiently for the reopening of Cape May’s living room. Otherwise know as the Brown Room which closed in January for a projected 8 weeks of renovations. Projects rarely go as planned and there can always be that leaky pipe that slows things down.

On March 4th a couple hundred of Congress Hall’s closest Cape May hospitality friends got together and christened the new room. Stunningly designed by Colleen Bashaw, the new Brown Room offers additional bar seating. The bar surface is as smooth as water on a glass bowl. The layout seems much more efficient for service and flow. They knew exactly what they were doing.


Cape May locals and visitors are acclimating quickly to the new surroundings and decor in the Brown Room. Of course they are.

After the opening of the Brown Room, the newly renovated Exit Zero Filling Station opened, sporting a new shingle called a liquor license.

Though 4 out of 5 craft beers are from Cape May Brewery, they are all highly drinkable, crushable even. And then there’s the food. The burgers are decadent and the curries are fabulous. This could quickly become a new place to gather in season and off-season.

And then there’s the dearly neglected blog. Some where in the last month Feed Spot, an aggregate collector of blog links named our blog one of the top 60 blogs in the State of New Jersey. We were in the middle of the list, which was topped with some very heavy hitters.

2019 is starting out as a year full of promise and hope. Thank you to all the readers and people who sent screen shots of the blog appearing on Google News.

Don’t worry, the blog has a lot more content in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for more updates.






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