Cape May Photographs Generate Memories

By way of introduction, I met Ed Egan several years ago in The Brown Room of Congress Hall. Ed recently responded to some Cape May photographs posted online. Cape May photographs generate memories for some people like Ed. Mr. Egan was kind enough to share his memory with me.

The Cape May photographs were taken by my friend Ginny Murray, and posted to Facebook and Instagram.

“I’ve been coming to Cape May all my life and my family has owned a home there since 1964. At any rate, the picture of you walking down the street with your arms outstretched reminded me of a mid-September day in Cape May 30+ years ago.” Ed said in a message to me.

“I was pushing my then toddler son in his stroller down Ocean Street. The soft September sunlight was streaming through the trees and there was a gentle breeze blowing.” Ed continued. At this point he had me hooked on the scene. I could see the sunlight and I could feel the breeze.

“Max Kurland was walking toward us.” Max was Anita DeSatnick’s dad who had retired from his optometry practice. Anita is mom to Todd and Chad.

“When Max saw us, he stopped in his tracks, put his arms out like yours in the picture and exclaimed, ‘I have friends tell me I should move to Florida. WHY would I ever want to move to Florida?!’ ”

I complimented Ed Egan on his story. He directs the Pre-Law program at Mt. St. Mary’s University. He was delighted that I liked his writing and wanted to share the story. In a round-about-way you could say Ed was a guest blogger for this short post.

Ed is also host of Celtic Creations on WMTB a radio station of the university.




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    March 25, 2019 / 9:22 am

    John… Gregg Coffey …. Can you give me information on advertising for C-View please?

    • March 30, 2019 / 8:23 am

      Greg I emailed you the details to your comcast email address. Let me know when you’re ready.