Cape May Setting For Historical Fiction

Cape May a wonderful setting for historical fiction!

As fans of Cape May are well aware, the area has a rich, vibrant history.  As “The nation’s oldest seaside resort” it is a testament to all things Victorian.  Of course the historical significance of the area predates the Victorian Era and also extends past that period as well.  The infamous pirate Captain Kidd may have buried treasure in Cape May.

A Revolutionary War naval battle was fought off the coast.  The British navy raided the area for supplies in the War of 1812.  President Benjamin Harrison owned a “cottage” in what is now Cape May Point.  During both World Wars the southern tip of New Jersey was a hotbed of anti U-boat activity…

As a History teacher at Lower Cape May High School, the rich history of our area enables me to demonstrate to my students the significant role our hometown played as I teach them about the events of American history.  However, I have another job beyond teaching… I’m also an author and the vivid background of Cape May had provided a wonderful backdrop for some of my works of historical fiction.

For the past ten years vacationers have been picking up my three stories set in Cape May.  In Sherlock Holmes in Cape May, the world’s most famous detective is invited to the city by Emlen Physick in hopes of solving a mysterious murder.  Pirate Treasure of Cape May is an adventure tale where a boy tries to piece together the location of Captain Kidd’s booty.

In A Victorian Romance in Cape May, a young lady struggles to sort out her feelings about two suitors; discovering that all is not what it seems regarding the two men. Her romantic adventure comes to a dramatic conclusion amidst the great fire that threatened to consume Cape May in 1878.

If you’re in town and are interested in a beach read, these books can be found at Cape Atlantic Book Co. on the Washington Street Mall or at the Carriage House at the Physick Estate.  They are also available at in both paperback and ebook formats. 

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