Cape May Village Fundraising

Cape May Village Fundraising (It takes one sometimes)

Three great events take place this weekend, all excellent examples of Cape May village fundraising efforts. Locally the West Cape May Christmas Parade kicks off it’s fundraising effort with a buffet at the Chalfonte Hotel. This event is sold-out. Mayor  Pam Kaithern tells me the next one will take place at the Exit Zero Cookhouse. “We are grateful for the outpouring of support our community provides for the Christmas parade. While the Chalfonte dinner has sold out, there are opportunities coming up to support the parade while dining with Exit Zero cookhouse.”

As small business operators in Cape May County, we depend on employees of all kinds to keep up with the demand of our tourism based economy, including seasonal and part time positions, as well as the full-time team members that make our businesses more like family. That’s where Cape May village fundraising comes in.

This past July one of the family members of Nauti Spirits, their Apprentice Distiller, Veronica, was involved in a serious car accident on the Garden State parkway. She was air-lifted to the hospital with a shattered left arm & developed aspiration pneumonia requiring a 6-day stay in the ICU and, due to a lapse in coverage, extensive medical bills. Veronica has made a miraculous recovery from her injuries, and Nauti is  so glad to have her back.

On Sunday, October 22 from 3-7PM, Nauti Spirits will be hosting a fundraiser to help Veronica with the costs of the intensive care that she received. Tickets for the event will be $55 and will include a pig roast (with vegetarian option available), 2 seasonal draft cocktails, and pumpkin painting. They will have live music and are planning a silent auction showcasing talent from the local community.

The Nauti Spirits family and team have set up a crowd sourcing campaign for Veronica.  “We’re grateful that we’ve received so many donations from local business owners for the silent auction.  It’s great to see the community rallying around one of their own” said Sheri Waide.

Another great example of Cape May village fundraising is taking place this Sunday afternoon. Patient Assist VI was founded on the principal that no person should have to choose between the medications they need to stay healthy and the food they need to stay alive. Through the generosity of the Menz family, Aleathea’s Restaurant will host a fundraiser to support Patient Assist VI.

Tickets are $20. Music by Chris GS and friends along with great food and drinks.

After the devastation brought about by Hurricane’s Irma and Maria the need in the USVI has never been greater. “Our patients are “the working poor”: they are our landscapers, restaurant workers, fishermen, charter staff, chambermaids, retail clerks and fast-food workers. They help our island run smoothly, but are unable to obtain insurance. In return, we provide them with assistance, and they receive their medications free of charge.” according to Laura Nuschke founder and president.

Patient Assist VI networks with pharamecutical companies and caring individuals to collect the necessary medicines needed by people on St. Thomas and St. John.

The demographic they serve makes them a perfect fit for a Cape May village fundraising event. Seeing my own Virgin Island host Joannie Delugo on the organization’s website, compelled me to be involved.

The stateside community of Virgin Island fans here in Cape May is astounding. This will undoubtedly be one of those weekends where you need to be in three places at once.



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