Cape May Lima Bean Quirky Reputation

West Cape May Lima Bean Festival

The lowly legume took center stage Saturday October 7th, delighting locals and visitors alike with her vast array of recipes, crafts, and products. The 32nd annual Lima Bean Festival was held in Wilbraham Park in West Cape May.

The festival included vendors selling Lima Bean infused delicacies, Lima Bean pottery, Lima Bean jewelry and Lima Bean commemorative clothing and hats.

“The Lima Bean Festival began to celebrate the agricultural heritage of our community where acres of fields were once dominated by the lowly Lima bean,” said Mayor Pam Kaithern. “Decades later, it’s known for its quirky charm ‘worldwide’,” she continued.

It started as a way of celebrating the local lima bean harvest in West Cape May. Limas are no longer the big bumper crop they used to be in the area, but the lima bean refuses to die.

Lima Bean Dishes

The Good Earth Organic Eatery on Park Boulevard in West Cape May closed for the day. Inside Wilbraham park they served up their all-organic lima bean fare including vegan lima bean chili, lima bean pasta e Fagioli, & lima bean hummus, as well as homemade cold tea & other beverages. Gluten-free options were also available.

Suzanne Driscoll and Hilary Keever worked the booth in Wilbraham park serving their Lima bean infused menu. “Whenever possible we use locally-sourced fresh organic produce,” Said Keever, co-owner of Good Earth Organic Eatery. At the restaurant co-owner and chef Contrano Rosettani prepared gallons of Pasta e Fagioli soup made with lima beans.

“The soup was really good,” said Josh Moyer a freshman at Atlantic Cape Community College and a volunteer fireman in Cape May Court House. “I wasn’t sure what to expect–but I liked the really well-balanced spices and consistency,” Moyer continued.

Live music was performed throughout the day.

The Lima Bean Festival is held to maintain Wilbraham Park and is operated by The Shade Tree Commission of West Cape May.

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