Coast Guard Bootcamp Recruit Graduate Meets Son

Coast Guard Bootcamp Grad Meets his son for the first time

CAPE MAY, N.J. – Seaman Ryan Wilson graduated U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Cape May with the newest group of Coast Guardsmen during a ceremony on base, November 22, 2019. The youngest member of the graduation audience may have been Wilson’s newborn son.

Wilson was a member of Bravo Company 198. Traditionally, in the seventh week of training, the senior company is granted a day of off-base liberty. You may recall seeing them on the Washington Street Mall. Shops like Coffee Tyme reach out to them with discounts and free coffee.

Wilson, soon to be stationed in Atlantic City, took a bold step to help create a better life for his family. That step was deciding to join the smallest of the five military branches, the U.S. Coast Guard. Atlantic City is home to the Coast Guard Air Station which supports security in Washington D. C.

Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Richard Brahm

While he was enduring the rigors of recruit basic training, his family got a little bit larger when his wife had their second child. After graduation was over and everyone was cheering for their loved ones, Wilson was reunited with his family and his newborn son.

Every member of the Coast Guard joins the service for different reasons. Some join to serve their country, education, medical benefits, affinity to the missions the service performs, to see the world, or to create a life for their family.

Recruit Company Bravo-198 completed the 8-week training course while earning multiple awards such as high mid-term scores, donating blood, physical fitness, marksmanship, and seamanship. They also volunteered at Veterans Day Parades and helped overhaul a classroom inside Munro Hall.

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  1. J.
    November 23, 2019 / 9:18 am

    That is a great story.

    • David Greene
      November 23, 2019 / 10:19 am

      Excellent post. Both for the beautiful story of the birth of the recruit’s son, and for the insightful information about the Cape May and Atlantic City Coast Guard stations. Thank you, John.

  2. J.
    November 23, 2019 / 9:18 am

    I love the story around this time of year.