Cape May Fireman Returns From Army National Guard Deployment

Cape May Fireman Returns From  Army National Guard

Cape May, NJ.-Cape May City Fire Fighter Tim Durstewitz returned home under a multi-jurisdictional department escort. Durstewitz, a fireman with the department since August of 2016, also serves as an Intelligence Analyst with the Army National Guard.

Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 114th Infantry Regiment of the Army National Guard returned home last night.

The 68 Soldiers Durstewitz served with, are part of New Jersey’s 44th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. They served as a security forces element for Area Support Group-Qatar in support of Operation Spartan Shield.

As a Team Leader in the Intelligence field, Direct Intelligence Analysis teams of 5 or more employees support a Security Force providing area security for US and Allied military operations in Qatar. They also coordinate with military, host-nation and foreign agencies for Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence operations and analyzing suspicious activities and potential threats to US interests in the region.

Durstewitz was escorted to his home on Lafayette Street in Cape May by members of his own Fire Department. Town Bank, the United States Coast Guard, West Cape May, and Erma Fire Departments also participated.

In 2015 Durstewitz was deployed for a year in Afghanistan. Over the coming days before Christmas hundreds of Army National Guard Soldiers are to return home as more than 2,000 were deployed early in 2019.

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  1. David Greene
    December 30, 2019 / 9:30 am

    Thank you, John, for this news and information about Army National Guardsman Tim Durstewitz, New Jersey’s 44th Brigade Infantry Combat Team, and the work of U.S. Armed Forces in Qatar. We celebrate these heroes and patriots.