Let’s Talk Turkey

Camden County has bear problems.  Cape May County has, well you know, turkey problems. Wednesday afternoon saw the informal, first ever, running of the turkey. Many Cape May city resources were brought to bear on the fowl issue.

Our Animal Control officer did his best to not get his feathers ruffled while trying to herd the turkey safely through town. That seemed to be as much fun as herding cats. The free range turkey, wandered through Congress Hall’s outdoor seating area of the Blue Pig restaurant as diners enjoyed the “turkey special.” The turkey couldn’t make up its mind to turn right down the Washington Street Mall or head west on Perry Street.

On-lookers flocked to see what all the commotion was about. At one point it could have been a rehearsal for the Cape May Thanksgiving day parade. People began to tweet images of the gobbler.  Our summer police staff may have wondered if they missed training on how to handle real turkeys.

Tourists are advised against feeding seagulls. We have not had turkeys stealing french fries yet, so no advisory was issued.  This past winter Cape May was rich with sightings of Snowy Owls. Many people who never went bird watching, picked up binoculars and looked for the owls. Wild turkey spotting in the summer, maybe not so much.

Cape May is a town where the Piping Plover is revered by naturalists, but loathed by people with bumper stickers that say they taste like chicken. I suspect there will likely be little outcry for the ethical treatment of turkeys. For a minute, it was a real zoo out there.


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