Lieutenant Governor Visits Cape May’s Victorian Motel

If you went to Catholic school, you might Guadagno visit.remember when the bishop came to visit. The “advance-man”, usually a priest, came a few days earlier to brief the class on “His Excellency’s” visit. That is still the practice today, when a political VIP comes to visit.

Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno stopped by for a visit this past week. And like the Bishop, an advance man stopped by a few hours earlier. The advance guy mostly wanted to make sure there were no issues that might generate questions which would sandbag the Lieutenant Governor. He was also concerned that I knew how to address the Lieutenant Governor. Apparently in the absence of Governor Christie, you address Ms Guadagno as “Governor”.

Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno visited The Victorian Motel and McGlade’s on the Pier in Cape May as part of her continuing “Open for Summer” tour highlighting the spirit and resilience of New Jersey’s towns and businesses in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

“Despite a difficult winter, business owners throughout the state are working hard to overcome setbacks caused by Superstorm Sandy,” said Lieutenant Governor Guadagno. “Cape May, in partnership with towns and counties all over the state, has been actively pursuing global markets to ensure everyone knows that New Jersey and Cape May are ready and open for business.”

Accompanied by Cape May’s mayor, city manager, and solicitor (interesting trio), Lieutenant Governor Guadagno, arrived with little  fanfare. We chatted mostly about tourism related issues with respect to marketing New Jersey and Cape May.

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