Living it up at the Hotel Victorian

 Seasoned Regulars Who Know How to Have a Good Time

(Third in a series of Motel work at the Jersey Shore)

One of the great things about running the Victorian Motel is seeing the repeat guests. It seemed fitting to dig this Vine clip out of the archives today. Yesterday’s post about our local Seafood Festival went off the charts on my stats. As I write this they are still climbing.  I guess I am a stats geek too.

Making sure guests have a good time is something I live for. Regular guests who arrive prepared, and know about our amenities like the poolside barbecue, are fun to watch. I’ve lost track (without a computer) how many years the bunch featured in the Vine video have stayed with us. Every year though, they have their own version of a seafood festival.

It’s endearing to see our guests interact with each other. Bonds form in the kiddie pool that often last through high school. Adults invite other families on excursions to nearby water parks. They even make plans to meet mid year for various events or celebrations.

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We even joke that our customer base is growing by virtue of growing families. Kids who once played in the pool, return with their families of small children. The cycle continues.

“Your guests always look like they are having a good time,” was one of the highest forms of compliment our property received from an inquiring passer-by. It’s true, with one of the larger pools in Cape May and only a block from the beach our guests don’t have to work too hard to have a good time.

I can post this blog after a rough, thirteen turnover day. And the seafood festival I blogged about yesterday, I didn’t make it. Duty called.






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  1. June 29, 2014 / 2:10 pm

    Love the Victorian! Bring back the slide that I used to sneak on so many years ago!!!!!