My Top Nine Instagram Posts of 2019

Top Nine Instagram Posts of 2019

The best nine or top nine Instagram posts of 2019 is trending. It’s a year-end measurement of how many likes each post acquires over the year or perhaps the decade. I’m in it for the endorphins.

In 2018 there were more than 100 million Instagram users. That figure is expected to surpass 111 million in 2019. By comparison, my Instagram account cookecapemay received just shy of 25000 likes. My top nine Instagram posts of 2019, on the contrary, pales in comparison to the 500 million daily Instagram users. But still, pass the endorphins.

This photo essay will display the photos rather than just post the top nine Instagram posts of 2019 as a collage on Instagram. You can get your top nine posts from a couple of places like this one.

Leading the pack of Top Nine Instagram posts of 2019

Shot from the 4th floor of the Sea Crest Inn on the corner of Beach and Broadway.

Oprah visiting Uncle Bill’s Pancake House in Cape May was a big hit.

The next three or four all took place in early 2019, including the usual snow-fall accents that make Cape May even prettier.

Sunrises naturally make an appearance in my top nine Instagram of 2019.

After the job change in May, my photos shifted to the west end of town. Such as this photo after a rainstorm in Cape May. I cannot confirm or deny my location before the shot was the Rusty Nail.

I am advocating for a selfie station in Cape May. It was nice to see one of my cove photographs in the top-clicked mix.

If you have been counting thus far you only see eight images. Although this is supposed to be about my top nine Instagram posts. That may be because of the software counting the clicks used a video from last January.

I use Instagram to educate, inform and yes, to entertain. I have no intention of clocking to see if I am an average user at 53 minutes a day.

Suffice to say, are we not entertained? But hey, there’s two days left.

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  1. David Greene
    December 30, 2019 / 10:04 am

    Beautiful photographs. Thank you, John. I played the video five times. I didn’t make a winter visit to Cape May, and it was a delight to take a stroll down the mall. Thank you.

    Wishing you and Suzanne a very Happy New Year. I am thrilled that 2019 brought such lovely developments, particularly your move, and the move to Sea Crest. Here’s to a wonderful 2020.

    • December 30, 2019 / 10:40 am

      Thank you, David. We appreciate the good wishes and fond thoughts. See you in 2020