Racing and Branding Cape May

This Sunday they say 1750 athletes will jump off the Cape May Lewes Ferry into the chilly Delaware Bay in Delmo Sports Escape the Cape Triathlon. Voted the Best Triathlon in the Mid-Atlantic and North East Regions, Escape the Cape, a USAT Sanctioned Event, has quickly become a favorite for athletes.

Triathletes reach the finish line to complete the triathlon

Triathletes reach the finish line to complete the triathlon

Steve Delmo has built an amazing event and an even more impressive, a branded event. The Delmo Sports name is well-recognized in the triathlon community. The volunteer bank for Delmo events even has their own Facebook page.

I have covered the triathlon, the past couple of years, once for the local paper and once to lend social media support. I am puzzled that this event has not received more regional or national attention. I envision an ESPN helicopter hovering over the ferry as the most organized abandoned ship takes place on the bay.

To be clear, I am not a participant. I do not have a stake in the event. I just love well-organized and well branded events that involve or expose Cape May in a good light to a new audience. Escape the Cape does just that.

If you plan to attend or are covering the event this might help:
4:30 AM Shuttles Begin Taking Athletes and Spectators to Ferry Terminal
6:00 AM Boarding Ferry Begins
6:45 AM Last Call to Board Ferry
7:00 AM National Anthem
7:30 AM Int’l Race Begins
8:30 AM Sprint Race Starts

Remember I mentioned jumping into the chilly Delaware Bay?

Well according to the event organizers, this is what they recommend: WATER TEMP: It’s cold. Really cold. 62 degrees cold.

If you don’t have a wetsuit then do the following: Get one and practice before the race, or fill your bathtub with cold water. Take a thermometer and get the water to about 62 degrees. Then, lay in the water for 10 minutes if you’re doing the sprint and 30 minutes if you’re doing the International.

If that feels awesome…you’re good. If it doesn’t…that’s just a hint of what is to come.

Good luck to all the participants and a huge hat tip to Steve Delmo.






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