Reverse Road Trip From Cape May

What’s a reverse road trip Cape May? It’s the opposite of a side trip “on the way to Cape May.” Let me explain.

My nephew Sammy turned ten last week. That’s a big deal. One of my favorite breweries turned three the same week. That’s a big deal too in this economy.

On the same Saturday as Sammy’s tenth (Star Wars themed) birthday party, Glasstown Brewing was celebrating their third birthday party. You see a road trip from Cape May developing?

The tourism professional in me has to paint this road trip picture as a side trip–when you’re on the way to Cape May. Follow me.

Let’s say you have just crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge or the Commodore Barry for that matter. You’re less than an hour from the town of Salem New Jersey in Cumberland County. Nestled beside the Fenway Creek is an old mill house which contains The Royal Port Antiques. This was the middle stop on our road trip from Cape May. It will be your first on the way to Cape May.

My brother Michael and his wife Suzanne have been in the Antique business for 23 years. Almost a dozen of them have been in Salem. One could easily wander for hours in the warehouse checking out the displays and collections of early American furniture, architectural, stoneware and other finds. Royal Port is located at 13 Market Street in Salem, New Jersey.

Turning right out of Royal Port onto route 45 you’ll go through the historic town of Salem New Jersey. In the center of town is another light (it’s almost a one stoplight town) turn left on route 49 towards Bridgeton. Once on the other side of Bridgeton, keep an eye out for the infamous Buckshutem Road. It’s a well know back road in good condition.

Buckshutem Road takes you past the Millville Motor Speedway near the airport if you’re coming from Cape May. On the way to Cape May however you will turn left on Cedarville Road towards the airport entrance. Hidden among the airport buildings you’ll find Glasstown Brewing.

On our brief visit I had the chance to taste their limited release Danky Kong IPA. It was a well-balanced crisp IPA. You can easily find their beers on tap in Cape May. Lunch Box Pale Ale is one of my favorites. Fortunately we missed the line at one and arrived to a full house.

Buckshutem Road takes you back across the Maurice River to route 47 and you know the rest of the way to Cape May.  Of course some will add a stop at Cape May Brewing when closer to their destination.

Cape May road trips might have to be a new category for the blog. We have not been to 7 Mile Brewing yet. Now with Ludlam, Slacktide and Cold Spring Brewing up the road, I have some homework.

Sammy’s birthday was a blast and everyone including Uncle John had a good time. Can’t wait till he turns eleven.


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  1. Jackie
    February 8, 2017 / 1:57 pm

    Its a small world, I work at Brooks Auction where Mike & Suzanne & Sam sometimes frequent once a month. I never knew you were related until I saw this picture of Sam and read your blog today. Its a small world. Happy 10th Birthday Sam!!

    • February 8, 2017 / 2:48 pm

      It is a small world indeed. You’re the second person on my blog to notice the Salem connection. Thanks for commenting too.