Signs Of Fall in Cape May

Signs Of Fall in Cape May

I’m an avid reader of Jack Wright’s Ramblings in Exit Zero Magazine. Except when he doesn’t write his weekly column. In a recent column he mentioned being glad summer was over. One of the signs of fall in Cape May is we start to see more of our neighbors. Another is the smell of smoke from burning fireplaces in the neighborhood. Those might be a few of Jack’s favorite things he’s looking forward too.

All of us, Jack included, worked especially hard this summer. I am not sure about the strangeness that Wright alludes to in his column a couple of weeks ago. In the lobby of a bank, I spoke with a merchant who declared it was his best summer ever. As a seasonal operator he closes up for fall in Cape May. I’ve also heard from hotel operators, who guard their success, say it was one of the best summers in recent years.

Unofficial results in from the City of Cape May point to a successful season. Beach tag sales are up. Occupancy tax collected is up and it looks like parking meter revenue will be up.

On of the expected signs of fall in Cape May is the dismantling of parking meters. This year, however don’t look for them to go off on streets surrounding the Washington Street Mall.

At the (reasonable) request of merchants on the mall, council leadership has agreed to leave the meters on Carpenter, Lyle and Mansion on through the end of the year. They will also restart a month earlier next spring in April. The Park Mobile App will still be in use on these blocks.

The meters remaining active in this area is not a revenue stream for the city. It is designed to discourage employee parking on these six blocks. Leaving spaces available for you the consumer.

From my vantage point at the Victorian Motel, I see you circling and circling looking for parking so you can visit the mall. Employees can still park for free along Beach Avenue, Congress Place, South Lafayette and along Jackson Street. Unless they choose to pay and save a few steps. I doubt it.

Sunrise without Joy

Another sign of fall in Cape May is the return of Skimmers along the beaches. With sunrise occurring nearly at 7:00 AM it’s a little easier getting out with Joy gone.

Shooting sunrises or shooting sunsets are both affected by the fall climate with lower temps and humidity. The ability to see sunrise and sunset from the same spot on the beach is one of the best signs of fall in Cape May.

Labor Day and the Congress Hall celebration is in the books, Oktoberfest is in the books with record crowds and a well-organized event. Next up will be the Jazz Festival. What are some of your favorite signs of fall in Cape May?


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