Suspicious Package Cape May Washington Commons Monday Night

Update on Suspicious Package Cape May Monday Night

On July 8 th, 2024 at approximately 5:29 pm Cape May Police Department was notified of an unattended package in the area of Ocean St and Washington St in Cape May.

Officers immediately reported to the area to identify the item and determine it’s origin. Upon
locating the item, officers determined the package met the criteria to be considered a suspicious package
and immediately created a safe area requesting civilians in the area to vacate until further investigation.

Cape May Police Sgt. Anthony Genaro reported to the area and confirmed initial findings and requested
a Fire Department response along with Cape May County Sheriff’s Office.

Upon the arrival of Cape May Fire, Sgt. Genaro and Lt. Edward Zebrowski implemented a unified
command, increased the size of the safe area around the package, and cleared nearby stores for all civilians.

Command sought assistance from Cape May County CBRNE and Atlantic City Bomb Squad
for further evaluation. While searching the area, Police located a separate package nearby
that was similar in description to the initial package.

The safe area was expanded to ensure the highest margin of safety for citizens and visitors, and K-9 units from the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office swept the nearby pedestrian mall.

The City of Cape May Office of Emergency Management and Cape May Fire Police arrived on location and assisted with crowd and traffic control in the area, supplementing command staff for the incident.

Atlantic City Bomb Squad arrived on location and was briefed on the findings and events
leading up to the call. AC Bomb squad surveilled the packages and sent an officer downrange to perform
further investigation. Investigation deemed both packages not to be a hazard, and the scene was
declared safe.

Cape May Police Detective Kelley Walters was assigned as lead investigator for the incident and is performing further investigation. City of Cape May Emergency Services thank all responding agencies for assisting the community.

Cape May Police and Fire are thankful to the person that reported the package and would like to
remind all of the importance of “See something, Say something”. Our citizens and visitors are often the
first to identify hazards and their vigilance assists in keeping our community safe. More information of
New Jersey’s “See something, Say something” campaign can be found at


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    • July 9, 2024 / 11:24 am

      They never said just that it was harmless.

    • July 9, 2024 / 11:59 am

      A source told me it was a bundle of trash wrapped in duct tape.