Under the Dome in Cape May

What a difference a season makes. Summer slid right into town with barely an announcement. Memories of the frosty winter faded into memory and for a day last week we sweltered in the heat.

Welcome to summer, where every other kid in the pool is named “Marco.” Water Ice and smoothies have replaced hot chocolate. Instead of protecting your skin from frostbite you’re using sunblock. ¬†Street sweepers have replaced snow plows.

Some people who come to Cape May in the summer ask if we ever get snow here. Others have never been to Cape May in the winter for fear they will find us all asleep. I will reassure you Cape May stays wide awake all winter long.

Today’s gallery is meant to show the contrast of the two vastly different appearances of the same locations.

Cape May Full Rainbow Tuesday 4/22/2014

Cape May Full Rainbow Tuesday 4/22/2014

Cape May is protected by what some locals refer to as the Cape May bubble. It is not uncommon to watch a thunderstorm roll across southern Pennsylvania but crumble as it reaches Delaware Bay, and never reach our shore. However,  storms originating over Cape Henlopen have better chance of surviving the trip across the bay.

Walk past Cape May’s lifeguard headquarters on the promenade and you’ll see at least one TV on a radar source watching for storms developing.

The afternoon sea breeze is the other wonderful aspect of Cape May’s weather. You can set your watch to around 4 o’clock in the afternoon and watch the flags shift direction when the breeze kicks in. This week we have had a nice southerly ocean breeze. That’s right, in case you didn’t know it, we face south in Cape May, not east as many people think.


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