Why My Post is Late

Second in an occasional series about hotel life down the shore.


I know you thought this job was a bit sexy, living down the shore, close to the beach. But it’s not as glamorous as you would think. For example when one of your maintenance staff needs a few days off to nurse an injury, you change your office location and plan on taking out the trash. Something might break, or a circuit breaker might trip, in either case we will be prepared.

The room count hasn’t changed, but the heads in beds has risen to at least an average of three per room. Which compared to the early June post I did, it isn’t about grandma having her own room, it’s about getting the kids, (all four of them) their own room, with the parental units staying next door.


Zhotshots 014

There are moments of giggles and glamour when the youngest guest sits up and waves from a sunscreen tent filled with toys at pool side. But the pool still needs to be checked every two hours. The bottom had to be vacuumed this morning. And the pool inspector showed up announced, but we passed anyway.

I could do a separate blog post on how to replace a 300 pound air conditioner working alone, but I don’t have time. It has to be replaced. I did mention that the maintenance dude is out sick with a sore knee. This was the reason that my blogathon post on Sunday posted after 11:30 PM. I was fried.


Zhotshots 013Still, I will wake up tomorrow, have my coffee pool side, alone with my Golden Retriever and prepare for what might happen this day. This morning I had a discussion with a dairy farmer about the similarities in our work. He observed me doing some of the same tasks around the same time each day he was here. I think he was referring to rising with the sun. Performing menial but necessary tasks (like milking the cows) or taking out the trash.

We’re ramping up into our busiest time of the year in Cape May. The Victorian Motel is fortunate to have 85% of its guests as repeats. I recognize most as they come through the door. The backache associated with that 300 pound air conditioner will dissipate with each smile.




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  1. tjsmith
    June 24, 2014 / 9:36 pm

    I hear that Merion Inn is to reopen soon……….any date ???

  2. June 25, 2014 / 2:39 am

    Another great blog, my friend! And while I’m in town, let me know if you need help moving any more air conditioners