Volunteering and All That Jazz in Cape May

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Volunteering and All That Jazz in Cape May

Meet Fred Horton. Last night, Fred drove two hours to Cape May from his home in Delaware to attend the volunteer meeting of the Exit 0 Jazz Festival.

It was humbling to meet Fred last night. Balancing my work and staff schedule I was trying to plug into a few needs of the festival. I met Fred who told me about his trip yesterday and how he has been making the trip for the past several years.

Volunteers make the festival work, according to Michael Kline, Executive Producer of the Festival.

According to the Jazz Festival website: “The charming Victorian seaside town of Cape May, New Jersey, will transform into a bonanza of incredible world-class music, fine wine, great food and happy music fans May 30-June 1, 2014 for the 3rd Exit 0 International Jazz Festival. The festival will host over 100 international touring musicians in an atmosphere similar to stylish, accessible European festivals, particularly with the launch of Jazz at The Estate, an outdoor music venue. The perfect size for a family friendly festival, Exit 0 offers fest-goers the opportunity to stroll from venue to venue and revel in many styles of music from jazz, soul, blues not to mention the gorgeous ocean setting of the National Historic Landmark city.”

While Fred’s story may be unique, the number of volunteers and the energy they bring to the festival will be felt throughout the weekend. If you see Fred or any of the krewe be sure to thank them. Volunteers are what make Cape May great.



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