Pre-Season Energy Pushes Away Winter’s Blues


Did you feel the energy? Cape May was buzzing this past weekend. A combination of spectacular weather, pre-season weekend crowds and activities galore created the perfect atmosphere.

The vantage point of  my office, with the panoramic plate-glass windows provides a clear glimpse of much of the activity. Working the desk at the Victorian motel, it’s fun answering guest’s questions: “Is anything going on this weekend?”

The Great Cape May Foot Race, Mother’s Day and local marina’s posting pictures of “keeper” Stripers all contributed to the buzz. Throw in Cape May Forum activities at the Ferry, winery tours, and the World Series of Birding from the Audubon Society and stimulating is a minimalist description.

It could have been popping out after work for a quick, “after hours” stroll that set the tone. Catching a sample of the open mic night at the Pilot House or Generation Next at Carney’s put me way past my bed time.

Friday brought the opening of two new watering holes. Harry’s at the Montreal Inn and the Rusty Nail both greeted returning visitors.  Afternoon tea takes on a whole new meaning in Cape May. On Sunday, Washington Street Mall was also buzzing with shoppers, strollers, and people watchers. Quite a few four-legged visitors creeping around town too.

Whatever the reason, Cape May seemed to scream back to life this past weekend. If you worked or lived here you couldn’t help but notice it. If you visited, you likely asked someone, “where did all these people come from?”

If you weren’t here and are lucky enough to have a reservation for next weekend we will repeat the performance, for surely it will be a sell out.




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