Whats New In Cape May

“Whats new in Cape May?” is one of the first questions I get asked at the beginning of each season.

The quiet winter in Cape May is almost over. The winter permeated by Jack-hammers, steam rollers, brick cutters, and the occasional rumble of explosions or sound barrier breaking of military activity. Yes, the quiet winter is almost over.

There are tell-tale signs that Spring is springing in Cape May. Live here a while and you begin to recognize the signs. First, around St. Patrick’s day or there about, the O’Hara family opens Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. A short time later as the Forsythia and Daffodils start to open, some beaches get closed to welcome the near extinct Piping Plovers. You can watch, but you definitely cannot enter the sections of the beach reserved for these endangered birds. And definitely no dogs on that beach.

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The City begins to prepare for visitors too, as Cape May slowly wakens from its short slumber. I’m not sure how many parking meters there are in Cape May, but sadly they cannot all be installed on April 30th, the day before they go into effect. Another sign of spring, the installation of the dreaded meter in the second week of April.


This Spring though, there seems to be new life in Cape May. Not just the flowers are blooming. Business is blooming and growing too. New comer on the Washington Street Mall is Makers Making. According to its website, Makers Making is the happy result of their desire to curate a space dedicated to fine craft and inventive design. They also have a mission to be a medium for inspiring, creating discussion and sharing the creative process. Owner’s Lindsay Givens Casale and Danny Casale have transformed what was the Shoe Rack into a vibrant, cheery environment.


Other new life on the Mall area includes Neversink, floating into the space previously occupied by Louisa’s Chocolate Bar, which moved next door. Neversink describes itself as maritime store, with home accents accessories and artwork. Operated by the folks from Exit Zero. Across the street, the folks from Gallery D’May are opening D’May Home Gallery in mid-May.  They will feature artwork, hand blown glass, hand made ceramics, and beautiful objects for the Home.  They will also offer wedding registry and design services.

FINS the new eatery at the old Pilot House location is renovating at a feverish pace. Renovations are extensive and the place promises to be something completely new for Cape May. With Peter Shields Inn Chef Carl Messick, working on the menu, you know it will attract foodies from all over.

Stay tuned for more updates about more new businesses. That’s whats Cooke-ing for now.




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    June 1, 2015 / 8:48 pm

    Cape May is a great place to be whether to visit or to live there. I only visit so I do not know what goes on in the winter season. Can only hope Cape May survives all of the very heavy winter storms. Once again this place is great.