Window Boxes of Cape May

Last week I unveiled a collection of Window Boxes of Cape May I’ve been shooting. Inspired by Suzanne’s window box at the Victorian Motel and a poster we purchased visiting Newburyport Massachusetts.

It seemed like a good time to preview a few more pictures of the fifty seven that are currently on Instagram. Apparently the series online has inspired Casey from Boston to start another series dubbed, window boxes of South Boston. Casey is originally from Cape May.

Across the Way on the Washington Street Mall posted this shot of the flower boxes in front of their store:


Many businesses accent their properties, like this lovely shot of Mary Pat Myers Photography Studio on Jefferson Street.

Krystina Kennedy took this fantastic shot of the boxes on a porch on Beach Avenue.

Later I would shoot the same porch from the street. It became clear that there were as many porch railing boxes as there were window boxes of Cape May.

Railing and fence window boxes seem to come in all shapes and materials. When nicely planted they adorn all style of railings and porches.

Ultimately the quest continues for even the obscure window boxes of Cape May.

Two outcomes of the collection have appeared on the horizon. One comment suggested that I name or describe the flowers in the boxes. I am not a gardener. I am open to a guest blogger who would like to talk about window box design or flowers in general.

On the Instagram series another artist in Cape May suggested a poster or some type of published collection. With the collection from Newburyport on my mind that may be the final outcome.

For now I will just continue obsessing over the window boxes of Cape May. Feel free to follow me on Instagram to keep up with the collection.


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  1. Michele Jones
    June 23, 2015 / 11:11 am

    Jeff has shown all your photos that you post on Instagram. The window box photos are spectacular! I love them all! Thank you!