World Class Experience Cape May

“Cape May you were soooooo what I needed! So many beautiful and kind folks with so much of love!!” That’s the kind of world class experience Cape May provided Deva Mahal, daughter of legendary blues musician Taj Mahal, as reported on her Instagram. Here is a world class musician posting on her social media about Cape May.

The 5th Spring edition of the Exit Zero Jazz Festival brought droves of people and musicians to Cape May for the weekend. Cape May stepped up to the challenge and greeted the world with Cape May style tourism experience.

The heart of Cape May was energized this year with historic second lines, a term derived from New Orleans, where the music is first and the dancing parade follows.

New Sound Brass Band World Class experience Cape May

With headliners Chris Botti, William Bell and Joey Alexander, the success of the festival is no surprise. Packed hotels, packed bars, visitors with a common focus, music. Small business social media platforms welcomed both musicians and guests. 

I cannot remember the last time people danced down the promenade led by a band let alone the High and MIghty Brass Band from Brooklyn New York.

World Class Experience Cape May

For me, one of the most exciting aspects of the Exit Zero Jazz Festival was seeing venues adapt from dance club to listening rooms. The transformational process takes place each night. Those of us that enjoy great live music, also appreciate attentive audiences that allow us to absorb what we are hearing.

There Was Sooooo Much to Hear

Festival photographer Richard Conde, said to me Sunday morning that the Chris Botti show was the second most powerful experience he has ever covered. Second only to Pat Metheny at the Newport Jazz Festival.

Events like the Jazz Fest and Singer Songwriter expose Cape May to an audience that not only loves great music but like Deval Mahal it introduces world class musicians to a world class town.

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  1. David La Puma
    April 23, 2018 / 7:27 pm

    You summed it up perfectly, John! When I read Deva’s post I felt so proud of our community, and so grateful that we have visionaries like Michael Kline in our who continually push the envelope, and hence, host such world class musicians through events like the Exit 0 Jazz Fest…it’s why I volunteer for the fest every spring and fall!

    • April 24, 2018 / 8:29 am

      Thanks David. You hit the nail on the head about Michael and the Festival. Volunteers like you and the Krewe are the hidden backbone the support this city and her events. I applaud the time sacrificed from family and the efforts your people put forth.