Cape May Cadence Craziness


Sunrises like this often greet the recruits of the United States Coast Guard Training Center Cape May, TRACEN for short.  The cadence of the recruits can be heard while walking on Poverty Beach with my Golden Retriever Joy.

I wonder if their eyes ever leave the Company Commanders and notice a sunrise like this. The shouts of the recruits doing exercises and warm ups roll over the only dune separating the base from the beach. The dune and a few “danger no crossing” signs mark the border.

The cadence is often coming from companies of recruits with names like Yankee, Whiskey and Zulu. Companies like Alpha and Bravo would be in their 3rd or 4th week of an eight week program.  Hearing the different shouts each morning makes it interesting to imagine which company it is and where they are in the training.  For me it just sounds like cadence craziness.

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