Cape May’s First Winter Blast


Sunday brought the first winter blast of the season to Cape May. When it gets so windy that even Santa Claus can’t stand, you know it’s windy. While meteorologists debate the extended winter forecast Cape May locals hunker down against the gale force wind.

One day we are walking around basking in the sun, today we are hiding in the dunes avoiding the chilled air. Dan Skeldonweather man for local affiliate of NBC 40 even mentioned the term “bay effect” similar to Lake effect of upstate New York. Which essentially means that there is cold enough air traveling across Delaware Bay to cause flurries in Cape May.

But while the chill is in the air, heat is in the glass. The new Devil’s Reach from Cape May Brewing is on tap at Cabanas Beach Bar and grill. Imagine drinking up the flavors of roasted hot peppers in your favorite IPA without the after burn. Intensely flavorful and aromatic with a sneak up from behind kind of kick. It is 8.4% on the ABV scale. But what a way to warm up.


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